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Super Loci's goal is to enhance the everyday experience of urban places, for everybody.

Super Loci uses computer vision to provide analysis and insights about the movement of people, bicycles and vehicles to help improve decision making and the design of streetscapes and the public realm.


See more than the eye.

Developing the Technology

Transport studies and user behaviour / placemaking surveys are regularly commissioned by local and state government agencies when making improvements to streetscapes, parks or precincts; or by developers building major infill projects or shopping centres.

Current technology is relatively cumbersome and low-tech, and is ripe for disruption. For example, for traffic movement surveys, a black rubber marker is laid across the road or a temporary mast installed which does basic infra-red or laser counts. Others use a camera to count pedestrian movements but don’t provide detailed information about users (e.g. children vs adults, wheelchairs, prams, bicycle types) and what they’re doing (sitting, walking, shopping etc).


More detailed ‘user behaviour surveys’ in the public realm often use analogue methods of data collection and analysis. This includes intercepting people on the street to ask about their user behaviour.  These methods are highly labour intensive, consisting of intercept surveys and physical counts and are often highly subjective, potentially creating a skewed opinion on which designs and decisions are founded.


Super Loci combines and enhances existing technologies to greatly increase the sample size, improve efficiency, and provide ongoing and real time data for decision makers, consultants and designers of streetscapes and public places.

We do this while preserving the privacy of individuals at all times. Our artificial intelligence software processes and then erases the original images, meaning our data is fully anonymous and complies with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Read our Privacy Policy to find out more.

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How it works

Once you have set up a secure login, you can upload a video of any location to the page for analysis. Our patented software system processes the video and provides an analytics dashboard for you to view.

The analysis includes details such as counting (pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks) as well as basic demographic information about users (such as age and gender where relevant). This information is displayed anonymously on the analytics dashboard in a map format, and is compliant with GDPR. 

Anyone can request a secure login, whether a local government agency, road or transport agency, consultant, designer or member of public. Payment is a simple "pay per minute" with a free initial 2-minute trial, so it's easy to get started at low cost. Try it out!


"First life, then spaces, then 

  buildings: the other way

  around never works. "

   Jan Gehl

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